Getting Involved on Campus

By: Emily Selner
Looking for the perfect school can be a daunting task with the tours, applications, scholarship packages, and the list goes on. One “checklist item” that you may easily overlook is student life. I am not talking about the dining halls or the dorms, which are both important in your decision, I am talking about student organizations.

As a student, the best decision you can make is to be active on campus. Student organizations can help you meet your life long friends, give you professional experience, and offer things to do on a Saturday night. UW-Madison offers MANY student organizations that can make campus feel like home.

I am personally involved in five organizations because I like to be busy. I am involved in Badger Dairy Club, National Agri-Marketing Association, Association of Women in Agriculture, CALS Ambassadors, and Collegiate Farm Bureau. These clubs have given me social, professional, and service opportunities in the two years I have been on campus.

Joining an organization can be a little intimidating but UW-Madison and CALS can make it an easy transition. During the first week of school there will be two organization fairs that allow you to meet all the organizations on campus and learn more about them. CALS offers an org fair on the CALS campus and UW-Madison offers an org fair in the Kohl’s Center. I encourage you to attend both of these org fairs when on campus so you can find a place on campus.

There are two different websites you can visit to look into student organizations and contact student org leaders. UW-Madison offers an organization list at and CALS has a complete list at

Please look at both of theses websites before making your decision on where to attend, student organization should be a very important consideration when picking a university.