Switching Majors

By: Courtney Holdt
Besides the big decision of which college to attend, one of my hardest decisions when coming to college was what to major in. My senior year of high school I was interested in so many different topics, how could they expect me to pick one major? When I started at CALS I was a Genetics major, with hopes of pre-Pharmacy. After a summer job with Dupont Pioneer I quickly realized I wanted to focus on plant genetics, not human. Unsure of what my next step should be I headed to the CALS website where I found links to descriptions of each major and contacts of people who could help me. From here I met with an Agronomy advisor and Career Services in Ag Hall. Both were able to tell me what an Agronomy major would mean and what kind of careers I would find. After that, switching my major was a breeze. CALS makes it very simple to switch majors within the college and they are very helpful along the way. You can also switch majors across colleges, with just a little more paperwork. The people in 116 Ag Hall are there to help you with a variety of things, including settling on a major.