Working on Campus

By: Mark Kendall
Hello everyone my name is Mark Kendall and I am a junior studying agronomy.  There are a lot of opportunities in CALS to work during the semester.  Campus jobs are not only a great way to earn some money to help pay the bills but they can provide great experience to help you determine your career path.  There are jobs in CALS that will allow you to process meat, milk cows, or work at the Babcock Dairy Plant.  These hands on work experiences can really enhance and add to the field of study that you are pursuing.  Half way through my freshman year, I began working for the Sweet Corn Research Program of the Agronomy Department.  The bulb of my work has me shelling sweet corn, packaging it for spring planting, and applying seed treatments.  Working about ten hours per week gives me the chance to break away from the rigors of school work.  My job has given me a look at what agronomy research has to offer.  I’ve also had the pleasure of working with some great people.  This last summer I had the opportunity to work full time for the Sweet Corn Program and see my job come full circle.  I assisted in planting, weeding, pollinating, and harvesting.  I know my job isn’t for everyone but take a chance and try something new because it could be something you want to do for the rest of your life.