Helpful Career Services

By: Maria Gruetzmacher
As an incoming freshman at UW-Madison, fears of getting lost, meeting new people and not getting Badger football tickets swirled through my mind. The fact that I was in college to eventually get a full-time job was the last thing I was concerned about! Thankfully, CALS Career Services was there to encourage me to think about my future and start planning for it, even as a nervous freshman.

It all started the second week of my freshman year when I heard rumors of a career fair at the Kohl Center. This event which draws hundreds of companies is a great place to network and discover potential internship opportunities. After talking with my dad, he convinced me that I should put together a résumé and head off into the deep abyss of business suits and portfolios. The only problem was that I had nothing to put on my résumé (or so I thought)! After all, I was only a freshman. Doing the best I could, I put together a résumé and met with a peer advisor during CALS walk-in résumé help hours. With the advisor’s guidance I made several adjustments and tucked my polished résumé away for the big day.

Although I did not yet own a business suit, my black pants and nice sweater sufficed. After giving myself a quick pep talk, I left my dorm room ready to explore different companies and internship opportunities.

Standing in lines, quick meetings, followed by handshakes and sharing my résumé consumed the next two hours. I left more knowledgeable about a variety of companies and the opportunities they offer. Little did I know that the résumé that the kind peer advisor in CALS Career Services helped me create would help me get an internship!

After an interview around Thanksgiving, I had earned an internship at a processed cheese plant just south of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Fast forward a year and I now sit here as a sophomore more confident in how to build a strong résumé and interview with companies. Gone are the days of getting lost on campus. With the help of CALS career services, I am excited to look into the future at all of the possible opportunities that are available.