Personalize your Wisconsin experience

By: Rachael Baird
One of the most amazing things about the University of Wisconsin is the plethora of opportunities that are available to students. From student organizations to internships to volunteer groups or study abroad experiences, there are more opportunities available than you could ever imagine. My freshman year I felt like I was receiving emails everyday about organizations or projects that I wanted to pursue. I quickly realized that I could not do everything and had to decide what activities would be most meaningful to me and would prepare me best for the future. I chose to focus my time on my research, tutoring, and a couple of student organizations. It did not take me long to figure out which organizations I had a passion for and which I could step away from in order to try something new. This flexibility to explore my interests was irreplaceable to me as it showed me my passion for working in roles where I could have a direct impact on others. Such a realization about myself has shaped my career goal of becoming a physician. By exploring the multitude of opportunities available within CALS and UW-Madison as a whole, I created my own Wisconsin experience that helped me to grow as a person and better prepared me for my future.