Step out of your comfort zone

By: Deanna Luzenski
I would like to share one of my first memories at UW-Madison which would be the CALS New Student Orientation. All new students on campus are invited to go to orientation to learn more about what CALS has offer and then meet with the department you are interested in . I was extremely nervous since I was unfamiliar with campus, and I didn’t know anyone else, and I’m a bit of an introvert. Besides being nervous, I was also really excited to go and hopefully meet other students and see more of campus. When I walked into Room 125 in Ag Hall, I was shocked at how big a lecture hall could be, coming from a small rural high school. I quickly rushed up the aisle and sat down next to another girl who looked friendly. We introduced ourselves, and we realized that we were both interested in genetics. After the commencement of orientation, eating Bucky pucks, and meeting members of the genetics faculty together with the other genetics majors, my new friend and I spent the rest of the day together. We went to the Chancellor’s Welcome and hung out in her dorm room. We had classes together through freshman year and remained good friends. We remained such good friends that we decided to get rent an apartment together, and we still live together today. Besides the important academic portions of school, it’s also important to get out of your comfort zone sometimes. For me, it was meeting new people because who knows, a lifelong friend could sit down right next to you.